An even spread of wins and losses for Sleaford Town

Sleaford Town Bowls Club

A VISIT to Lincoln Moorland/Railway in the City League, saw Sleaford Town take two rinks and the aggregate, 93-90, to pick up 11 points.

In that game P Annison, P Jobson and T Cope won 38-11; E Bird, R Markham and R Barnes lost 9-39; J Parker, D Curt and D Smith won 25-20; N Mapletoft, J Gilbert and A Bird drew 21-21.

Away at Washingborough in the District League, Town lost on all four rinks, going down 74-116 on aggregate and coming away without a point.

It was a different story away to Sleaford Bristol in the Sleaford League, with Town picking up three rink wins and taking the aggregate 86-61 for 20 points to the hosts’ two. R Bird, R Neaverson and R Lupton won 26-14; A Upsall, M Jarrald and D Curt won 23-14; B Srawley, J Cope and G Turner won 21-14; L Jobson, K Hopwood and P Annison lost 16-19.

At home to Legionnaires, Town went one better, winning on all four rinks for an aggregate victory of 98-54 and amaximum 12 points. Rose Barnes, M Jarrold and B Srawley won 30-10; L Morris, A Upsall and J Parker won 27-14; R Bird, S Morris and A Bird won 23-15; L Jobson, P Stokes and J Gilbert won 18-15.

Away at Bassingham in the EBA league, one winning rink was not enough to take the aggregate score, with Sleaford losing out 51-53 to pick up two points. The winning set was P Annison, P Stokes, M Titley and A Bird, who won 18-13.

Entertaining Claytons in a City League, Town emphatically defeated their opponents, claiming three rink wins to give them a 107-68 aggregate win, earning them 12 points. J Parker, D Curt and D Smith won 32-7; N Mapletoft, P Stokes and A Bird won 33-16; P Musson, P Jobson and T Cope won 24-20; K Dye, R Markham and R Barnes lost 18-25.

But at home to Collingham in the District League, Town lost 76-84 to pick up just two points. R Wilson, J Cope and B Srawley, 25-19, were Sleaford’s only winning set.

Three rink wins saw Town defeat Digby 76-61 at home in the Sleaford League, to pick up 10 points to the visitors’ two. W Roberts, C Frain and J Gilbert won 20-12; L Morris, R Wilson and P Annison won 23-12; R Bird, P Stokes and A BIrd won 18-15; P Adkins, S Morris and R Lupton lost 15-22.

Local rivals Legionnaires got the better of Town in a Woodhall Afternoon League game. Town’s only winning set were J Wareham, P Annison and B Gilbert, who won 25-7.

There was also a heavy defeat for Sleaford away at Helpringham, where the home side won on aggregate 82-59. Again J Wareham, P Annison and B Gilbert were the only Sleaford winners, with a 19-16 rink win.

At home to Branston in the EBA league, two rink wins and one draw gave Town the aggregate victory 68-36 and nine points. J Parker, B Gilbert, R Lupton and D Smith won 30-9; N Mapletoft, P Musson, R Barnes and A Bird won 22-11; J Gilbert, M Titley, R Markham and P Jobson drew 16-16.