ATHLETICS: Simon goes closest in Sleaford Striders ‘predictor’ race

Simon Jackson U0XmvHJXxQgc0ygBvCHY
Simon Jackson U0XmvHJXxQgc0ygBvCHY

There are two sayings that runners will quote; one is “if I fall over, turn my Garmin off” whilst the other is “if it is not on the watch, it did not happen”.

Sleaford Striders certainly tested the latter of those two when they took part in the annual Christmas predictor 10k run from their home at the football ground.

The fun run was organised on behalf of the club by Andy Preston and saw 34 adult members take part. The object of the event is for the participants to predict how long the 10k event will take them and then to remove all forms of timepiece to ensure that there is no cheating.

Although the event is “fun”, the purpose is for the athlete to have a better understanding of their own pace in order to assist when taking part in races. For the participants, it also means that the fastest runners will not necessarily win the prize.

Simon Jackson went closest with his prediction of completing in 52min 28sec by actually completing in 52.23, amazingly close and a popular winner.

The women taking part in the race tended to be the next closest, with Ann Riddell taking only 12 seconds more than her prediction, and Susan Tremayne 14 seconds under.

The other Sleaford Striders completing the 10k event, in no particular order, were: Iain Bailey -1.57, Greg Southern -1.04, John Siddens +30, Alan Oliver +1.09, Patrick James +2.20, Adam Runacres +1.37, Jim Hopkins -1.22, Sandy Telfer +2.42, Emma Marshall-Telfer -1.09, Jordan William +.36, Ben Lilley -1.04, Bryan Brockington +1.21, Jennie Morris -5.05, Nathan Williamson -6.03, Jamie Hirst -1.28, Alan Buckberry +.38, Steve Robinson +3.38, Derek James +1.00, Charlotte Bailey -2.16, Maureen Runacres -1.53, Darrell Williamson +.25, Ben Bailey -2.38, Sarh Breeds +.46, Graham Riddell +.27, Sam Tate -1.58, Linda Melloy +1.51, Michelle Hird +14.23, Ted Preston +2.38, Carol Dudley +.43, Ian Starbuck +1.24 and Alex Williamson +25.35.

n Sleaford Striders is a very welcoming club with members currently ranging in age from six to 71 years old. The ability varies from those that choose to walk, through slower, medium pace and fast runners. In addition to road racing, the club members also take part in cross country and track and field events. The juniors meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with the adults meeting on a Thursday. Full details of the event can be found at