Black belt Keyse secures English title

Daniel Pearce (left) and Matthew Keyse
Daniel Pearce (left) and Matthew Keyse

Sleaford Tae Kwon-Do Club enjoyed a successful start to its tournament year at the English championships at Worcester.

First degree black-belt Matthew Keyse secured gold in the men’s black belt executive sparring while fourth degree black belt Daniel Pearce earned bronze in the black belt men’s higher dan patterns division.

The club recently held a belt promotion at Carre’s Grammar school, under the guidance of Grandmaster, ninth degree black-belt David Oliver, chairman of the Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain.

The event attracted more than1,500 Tae Kwon-Do exponents from all over Great Britain.

Results were as follows – 2nd kup red belt: Jordan Bean; 3rd kup blue belt: Philip Lee, Jordan Hankins; 5th kup green belt: David Holloway, Justine Sheardown, Heather Hardy, Yashodha Silva, Ben Doughty, Isabella Sheardown, Nicholas Evans; 6th kup green belt: Richard Pope, Janette Young, Thomas Li, Rebecca Fields, Thomas Bartle, Angran Yue, Yixin Xie; 7th kup yellow belt: Brayden Smith, Jennifer Groves, Hayden Marshall; 8th kup yellow belt: Alan Clayton, Alex Bailey, Joseph McKenna; 9th kup white belt: William Stevenson, Thomas Clayton, Joshua Ellis.

Several junior members from the foundation Tiger group also achieved recent success, as follows.

Green with gold belt: Lewin Hardy, Jacob Pope, Henry Sutch, Freddie Sutch, Daniel Williams.

Orange with gold belt: Paige Williams, Harry Nethercott, Daniel Shields, Kiefer Hewitt, Valeria Zobkova, Matthew Eaton, Charlie Hare, Joseph Thorpe, Jeremy Keys, Sophie Ward, India Lee.