Bowls Club end season with trophy

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Sleaford Town Bowls Club’s outdoor season ended with a flurry of matches - including a trophy win.

At Long Bennington in the finals of the ASC Metals Handicap, the team drew 46-46 with St Giles in the semi-final, progressing thanks to a one-shot handdicap.

Against Bassingham in the final, Sleaford won 61-36 to claim the title.

Results: versus St Giles - Andrew Morris, Calum Campbell, Andrew Bird won 19-13, Robin Wilson, Mick Faulkner, Roy Markham 18-13, Peter Annison, Gwen Campbell, Kris Moore 9-20; versus Bassingham - Andrew Morris, Calum Campbell, Andrew Bird 16-16, Robin Wilson, Mick Faulkner, Roy Markham 26-9, Peter Annison, Gwen Campbell, Kris Moore 19-11.

Away at Grantham in the ASC Metals League the team lost 51-60.

Results: Peter Annison, Calum Campbell, Andrew Bird 25-13, Robin Wilson, Gillian Annison, Ken Irwin 13-23, Linda Morris, Gwen Campbell, Kris Moore 13-24.

At home in the Sleaford League, Town beat Billinghay 84-55 (10-2).

Results: Robin Wilson, Mick Faulkner, Andrew Bird 25-8, Mick Jarrald, Cecilia Faulkner, Brian Srawley 22-8, Jackie Wareham, Clive Steadman, Bas Gilbert 20-17, Gerald Woodhead, Julie Cope, Trevor Cope 17-19.

Away at Heighington in the District League Town were beaten 45-41 (10-2).

Results: Calum Campbell, Larry Davies, Phil Musson 19-15, Ken Dye, Gwen Campbell, Roy Markham 11-14, Jackie Wareham, Bas Gilbert, Ken Irwin 11-16.

At home to Leadenham in the Sleaford League, three winning rinks secured a 90-69 (10-2) victory.

Results: Gerald Woodhead, Cecilia Faulkner, Ken Dye 31-10, Mick Jarrald, Clive Steadman, David Campbell 25-14, Peter Annison, Mick Faulkner, Larry Davies 22-20, Catherine Frain, Gillian Annison, Ken Irwin 12-25.

In the last game of the season at home to Dunholme in the District League a thunderstorm and rain led to the match being abandoned.

The match result will stand with Town winning on two rinks to succeed 37-25 (10-2).

Results: Peter Annison, Gwen Campbell, Roy Markham 10-4, Joan Gilbert, Bas Gilbert, Ken Irwin 14-7, John Parker, Gillian Annison, Phil Musson 13-14.