BOWLS: Sleaford Town draw at Dunholme

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

Sleaford Town Bowls Club played six matches, winning four, drawing one and losing the other.

Away at Dunholme in the District League, two rinks wins with one drawn and one lost resulted in the scores level at 86-86 with the Town taking eight points to the hosts’ six.

Results: Gerald Woodhead, Julie Cope and Kris Moore won 21-19; Peter Annison, Larry Davies and Colin Grosse won 25-24; Joan Gilbert, David Curt and Brian Srawley drew 19-19; Gwen Campbell, Lewis Jobson and Bas Gilbert lost 20-24.

Sleaford Town 107

Billinghay 53

Ruth Bird, Gwen Campbell and Andrew Bird won 33-9; Gerald Woodhead, Mick Jarrald and Neil Mapletoft won 32-8; Joan Gilbert, Ron Lupton and David Campbell won 22-15; Lewis Jobson, Kris Moore and John Parker lost 20-21.

ASC Metals League

Billinghay 41

Sleaford Town 43

Ruth Bird, Brian Srawley and Andrew Bird won 18-10; Steve Morris, Neil Mapletoft and Larry Davies lost 13-17; Kris Moore, Gwen Campbell and Roy Markham lost 12-14.

Sleaford League

Sleaford Town 81

Legionnaires 60

Colin Grosse, David Curt and Ken Dye won 20-10; Joan Gilbert, Julie Cope and David Campbell won 21-14; Gerald Woodhead, Mick Jarrald and Brian Srawley won 20-19; Robin Wilson, Peter Annison and Mick Wareham won 20-17.

EBA Fours League

Sleaford Town 45

St Giles 41

Peter Stokes, Kris Moore, Paul Jobson and Trevor Cope won 22-10; Neil Mapletoft, Phil Musson, Mick Wareham and Andrew Bird lost 12-17; John Parker, Larry Davies, Richard Barnes and Derek Smith lost 11-14.

Lincs Challenge Bowl


St Giles 114

Sleaford Town 69

Kris Moore Mick Wareham and Derek Smith won 22-20; Lewis Jobson, Neil Mapletoft and Paul Jobson lost 15-37; Peter Stokes, Larry Davies and Richard Barnes lost 12-29; Peter Annison, Phil Musson and Andrew Bird lost 20-28.

St Giles went on to play Cleethorpes B in the final.