BOWLS: Sleaford Town have mixed results both home and away

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

Sleaford Town played five matches played this week with mixed results.

Away at Bassingham in the ASC Metals League, two rinks won to get four points but the match was lost by one shot, 49-50.

Results: Kris Moore, Neil Mapletoft and Colin Grosse won 21-17; Linda Morris and Bas Gilbert won 17-14; Steve Morris, Brian Srawley and Roy Markham lost 11-19.

At home against Boultham Park in the City League, three rink wins gave the Town the aggregate score 102-78 and 12 points.

Results: Martin Titley, Peter Stokes and Richard Barnes won 29-19; Neil Mapletoft, Paul Jobson and Trevor Cope won 29-17; John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Derek Smith won 26-20; Kris Moore, Larry Davies and Andrew Bird lost 18-22.

At home against St Giles in the District League, only one winning rink resulted in just two points, as the Town lost 86-100.

Results: Kris Moore, Mick Jarrald and Colin Grosse won 33-23; Gwen Campbell, Callum Campbell and Trevor Cope lost 17-23; Gerald Woodford, David Curt and Roy Markham lost 23-26; Ruth Bird, Julie Cope and Brian Srawley lost 13-28.

Disaster struck on Wednesday afternoon at Eslaford Park in the Woodhall League when the Town lost on all rinks.

Results: Peter Annison, Colin Grosse and Tom Bell lost 17-18; Robin Wilson, David Curt and Larry Davies lost 15-18; Joan Gilbert, Steve Morris and Brian Srawley lost 7-22.

On Thursday evening, the Town visited Metheringham in the City League Handicap Cup.

Giving away 33 shot, Towns overcame the handicap to win 149-31.

Results: John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Derek Smith won 54-12; Martin Titley, Neil Mapletoft and Richard Barnes won 43-9; Kris Moore, Peter Stokes and Andrew Bird won 52-10.