BOWLS: Sleaford Town win three out of four

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

Sleaford Town Bowls Club completed four games last week and were successful in three of them.

At home to Branston in the Lincoln League, four rink wins and an aggregate score of 112-68 gave them a maximum 14 points.

Results: Kris Moore, Larry Davies and Andrew Bird won 34-10; Neil Mapletoft, Phil Musson and Trevor Cope won 31-19; John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Richard Barnes won 25-20; Martin Titley, Peter Stokes and Paul Jobson won 22-19.

Sleaford travelled to Dunholme for a district league match but it was abandoned after 15 ends due to heavy hailstones made the green unplayable.

At home to Ruskington in the Woodhall Spa Friendly League, two rink wins gave the Sleaford side four points and the visitors two in a 56-47 victory.

Results: Pete Annison, Colin Grosse and Tom Bell won 23-10; Arthur Norris, Mick Jarrald and Brian Srawley won 22-19; Robin Wilson, Joan Gilbert and Roy Markham lost 11-18.

Away at Helpringham in the Sleaford League, only one rink won gave Sleaford two points while the hosts scored 10 to win 90-53.

Results: Gerald Woodhead, Bas Gilbert and M. Wareham won 19-16; Ruth Bird, Pete Annison and John Parker lost 16-19; Joan Gilbert, David Curt and Brian Srawley lost 8-23; Lewis Jobson, Kris Moore and Colin Grosse lost 10-32.

At home to Grantham in the EBA League, all Sleaford’s rinks were successful to take a maximum 10 points with a score of 67-46.

Remarkably, the rink of John Parker, Larry Davies Mick Wareham and Derek Smith were 1-17 down after six ends, but fought back to win the rink 26-22.

Others: Martin Titley, Kris Moore, Phil Musson and Andrew Bird won 23-12; Neil Mapletoft, Peter Stokes, Richard Barnes and Paul Jobson won 18-12.

l Over the past two weeks, Eslaforde Park have played two games in the ASC Metals League, winning one and losing the other.


Claytons 39

Eslaforde Park 60

K Callow, M. Rushby and G. Pask won 21-16; T. Thackery, K. Whiteside and W. Clarke won 29-6; R. Pearson, H. Quirke and S. Cobb lost 10-17.

Eslaforde Park 54

Washingborough 65

T. Thackery, K. Whiteside and W. Clarke won 24-17; C. Belcher, M. Rushby and K. Thompson drew 19-19; Y. Paul, K. Callow and G. Pask lost 11-29.

Sleaford & District League

Helpringham 77

Eslaforde Park 76

T. Lacey and J. Curtis won 28-11; R. Pask, K. Callow and G. Pask won 24-19; M. Calcraft, K. Whiteside and S. Cobb lost 14-20; M. Doran, R. Pearson and J. Dawson lost 10-27.

Heckington 98

Eslaforde Park 68

M. Brett, K. Whiteside and H. Spencer won 25-15; Y. Paul, H. Quirke and R. Pask lost 13-26; M. Doran, R. Washbrook and H. Curtis lost 20-31; M. Calcraft, W. Stevenson and J. Dawson lost 10-26.

Lincoln & District League

Eslaforde Park 89

Rustons 75

M. Brett, K. Thompson and S. Spencer won 23-18; C. Belcher, K. Whiteside and J. Curtis won 30-14; M. Holder, R. Pearson and G. Dwyer lost 18-21; R. Pask, W. Stevenson, S. Cobb lost 18-22.

l Ruskington Bowls Club were knocked out by Eagle in the first round of the Diamond Jubilee trophy competition.

In the singles Les, Wilkinson lost 16-23, Trevor Harding with David Miller suffered a similar fate at 16-24, the triples comprising Wendy Pateman with Kath Booth and Sue Mitchell lost narrowly 13-15, but the winning 19-10 rink, played by George Glover, Keith Pibeam, Les Warren and Paul Butterworth did salvage some pride by, but not enough .

Ruskington visited Bristol Club for a Woodhall Spa League match.

Results: Les Jenkins, Carol Croft and Les Warren won 23-12; Jackie Ray, Peter Storr and Isabel Drain won 24-14; Cecil Hall, Jim Barclay and Mike Kennedy lost 13-16.

Ruskington hosted Brant Road in the Cliff League, and it was all good news for the home team.

Results: Wendy Pateman, Paul Shelley and Sue Mitchell won 24-14; Dave Woods, Jackie Ray and Jock Mitchell won 20-14; Waylon Clarke, Vic Farmer and Jim Matson won 26-8; George Glover, Karena Woods and Trevor Thackray won 20-18.

Ruskington’s final game of the week was on the artificial green at Rustons in the city league.

Results: Les Jenkins, Isabel Drain and Trevor Thackray won 25-14; John Booth, Les Wilkinson and Jim Matson lost 9-25; Jock Mitchell, Carol Croft and Trevor Harding lost 5-34.