BOWLS: Stragglers defeat Gerry Cans at Sleaford indoor club

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

Sleaford Indoor Bowls Club saw the Thursday evening two rink Trips team one of the Stragglers set, consisting of Terry Hudson, Ray Lockey and Trevor Bannister, beat the Gerry Cans set of Adie Smith, Gerald Pask and John Maury 16-13.

The second Stragglers set of Sue Pointon, Ian Cliff and Ron Pointon defeated the Gerry Cans set of Carole Richardson, John Richardson and Richard Barnes 20-16, giving an overall result of 36-29 to the Stragglers.

Other results: Monday/Wednesday Morning Trips – the Dominoes set of Monica Law, Alison Lawson and Goff Law lost out to the Red Devils set of Trevor Harding, Robert Cooper and David Duffy 14-16. The If-Only team of Ronald Abbott, M. Suddaby and Colin Clayton lost narrowly to the Scotties team of Betty Bowyer, Stan Cobb and Robert Pask 12-13. The Robins team of Diane Watson, Bob Sivyer and Trevor Bakewell were defeated 1-25 by the Crackerjacks team of Dave Hocking, Peter Lowder and Dave Chandley.

Friday afternoon Trips – the Jackpots set of Carole Richardson, Trevor Harding and John Richardson won against the Gerbils set of Diane Watson, Nigel Moxon and Fred Paul 13-9, however when they played the Saints set of Ron Woolston, Gerald Taylor and Peter Pratt, the Gerbils set on this occasion consisting of Les Wilkinson, Trevor Thackary and Trevor Harding lost 8-14. The Meerkats set of Chris Dilley, Steph McGrath and Jack Jones lost to the Riversiders set of Patricia Rands, Margaret Holder and Sheila Pratt 10-12.

Tuesday afternoon Ladies Trips – the Barr Maids set of Pat Paul, Margaret McKie and Joan Balding lost in a very close match 14-15 to the Drop Out set of Betty Bowyer, Joyce Bannister and Gill Dwyer. The Tryers set of Patricia Rands, Gloria Davies and Andrea Davies lost narrowly to the Hopefuls set of Carole Richardson, Jean Gandy and Sandra Bakewell 12-14. The Pot Hunters set of Christine Kent, Gillian Annison and Rhoda Wing won against the Ladybirds set of M.Hill, Barbara Polley and Steph Collin 15-8.

Wednesday Early Evening Rinks – the Kohops set of Terry Hudson, Ray Lockey and Trevor Bannister won against the Early Birds set of Dave Hocking, Colin Grosse and Ray Bales 21-5. The Eslaforde set of Michael Wareham, Brian Sprawley and Phil Musson lost to the Rollers set of Tony Stanley, Jonathan Pearson and Aubrey Bristow 8-19. Rolo’s Rockets set of Fred Collin, Ian Cliff and Paul Oke lost to the Bambozzlers set of Kath Lake, Rhoda Wing and Richard Musson 11-16.