INDOOR BOWLS: Sleaford leagues begin to take shape

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

With Sleaford Indoor Bowls Club’s season reaching the halfway point, some of the leagues are beginning to take a familiar shape, while others at this stage are too close to call, and some positions may well change.

The Tuesday evening rinks sees Jean Bell’s Bellringers with 22 points, holding a 10 point lead over Gerald Pask’s Black Bull team, and they look secure in that position.

Two teams share the top position with 18 points in the Monday evening rinks table. Sheila Pratt’s Tetley’s Crew lead by only a five shot margin from Sheila Methven’s Barristers, with three other teams locked together on 16 points. This league is just too close to call.

Friday’s evening rinks has Fred Collin’s Sleaham leading the way with 20 points. Dave Chandley’s Belliringers are in second place with 16 points, with two other teams a further two points behind.

In another close league, the Monday/Wednesday morning trips has John Dawson’s Slea Rusks, with 32 points, holding a slender one point advantage over Brian Jenkinson’s Shooting Stars, with the third team just behind. This league could well go down to shot difference at the end of the season to decide the champions.

Roy Workman’s Shooting Stars sit on top of the table with 17 points in the Thursday afternoon trips, but must be looking over their shoulder at the chasing pack led by Jean Gandy’s Toe Rags. The top five teams are only separated by two points, so everything to play for.

The Friday afternoon trips sees Joy Bradley’s Tigger’s Crew with 26 points holding a healthy six point lead over Tony Dwyer’s Riversiders.

Sunday morning men’s rinks sees Roy Barnes’s Yellowbellies Two on 16 points, giving them a one point advantage over Fred Collins’s Yellowbellies. The third place team has 14 points, making this a very competitive league.

In the Wednesday afternoon pairs league, Paul Roberts’s Parr 4 hold a four point lead over David Duffy’s Searchers with 14 points. The Parr 4 results are played seven, won seven.

The Tuesday afternoon ladies triples has Edna Rutkin’s Stickers with 23 points, holding an extremely healthy nine point advantage over the second place team of Joyce Bannister’s Drop Outs.

Another league that has everything to play for is the Wednesday evening rinks with John Dawson’s Black Bull, on 18 points, holding a slender two point lead over Richard Pearson’s Rollers.

Black Bull has lost just one match and the Rollers just two. There could be a few twists and turns before the season ends.