Sleaford gymnasts perform well at Olympian Invitational

Sleaford Gymnastics Club members
Sleaford Gymnastics Club members

Members of Sleaford Gymnastics Club performed well at the Olympian Invitational competition at the Flic Flac Club in Chorley, Lancashire.

Competitors took part in two levels of competition, Cheng Fei and Simone Biles, with the former being the more difficult of the two, performing routines and skills tests on all apparatus, including a conditioning routine to emphasise control, strength and mobility.

Sleaford GC head coach Sammi Emsley was proud of her gymnasts’ efforts: “All of the girls did fantastic.”

Results: Cheng Fei – Sophie McAndrew (3rd trampette, 4th bars), Hannah Rushen (1st bars, 1st trampette, 3rd vault, 4th floor), Rachel Harte (5th bars), Sophie Halsall (5th trampette), Yasmin Farrant (3rd trampette, 4th vault).

Simone Biles – Gabby Grieg (2nd vault, 3rd floor, 4th bars, 4th conditioning), Rebecca Fletcher (2nd vault, 2nd floor, 2nd conditioning, 4th trampette), Molli Wilson (1st conditioning, 2nd bars, 2nd floor, 4th vault), Charlotte Farrar (1st vault, 2nd bars, 2nd conditioning, 3rd trampette, 4th floor), Ruby Cooper (2nd trampette, 3rd bars, 3rd floor), Isabelle Garratt (2nd floor, 3rd bars), Louise Hirst (1st bars, 2nd vault, 4th trampette, 4th tumble), Kennedy Shelley (1st vault, 1st bars, 2nd floor, 2nd conditioning, 3rd trampette), Emma Randall (2nd bars, 4th vault, 4th trampette, 4th floor).