Striders’ marathon effort

Tracey Dickinson, Dawn Bailey, Samantha Tate
Tracey Dickinson, Dawn Bailey, Samantha Tate

Pictured are Tracey Dickinson, Dawn Bailey and Samantha Tate.

Everyone of them had worked hard to ensure they were fit enough to get round and hopefully achieve a time they would be proud of.

The first Strider to finish was Greg Southern in a time of 2 hrs 44 mins 37 secs.

Behind him was Sandy Telfer, finishing in 3:16-31, a time that means he can enter again next year without having to go through the worry of the ballot.

Sam Tate completed in 4:54-15 and Dawn Bailey crossed the line in 5:08-28 with Tracey Dickinson achieving 5:12-40.

Jax Sesstein clocked 5:42-37.

Strider Steve Thacker was taking part in the Shakespeare Marathon at Stratford upon Avon and completed the race in 3:43-10.

Sleaford Striders are based at the football club in Boston Road and are not only involved in marathon running.

There is a lively junior section with members ranging from six upwards, and a vibrant adult section with members walking, jogging and taking part in races across the country and in Europe.

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