Tigger’s Crew get claws into the Top Cats

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

League matches have dominated action at Sleaford Bowls Club.

In the Friday Afternoon Trips, Joy Bradley’s Tigger’s Crew, represented by Bas Gilbert with Sheila Offley and Joan Gilbert, beat Terry Curran’s Top Cats, represented by Terry Curran, Sue Dilley and Keith Richards 19-13.

The Thursday Afternoon Trips saw Roy Workman’s top team Shooting Stars, featuring Doug Stobart, Dave Hocking and Terry Curran beat Joan Gilbert’s What Not’s, with Joan Gilbert, Sheila Offley and Bas Gilbert 14-10.

John Dawson’s Slea Rusks, featuring Paul Roberts, Harry Spencer and Terry Ingham, slipped to defeat against Dave Chandley’s Crackerjacks, with Dave Chandley, Peter Lowder and D. Purnell winning 11-20 in the Monday/Wednesday Morning Trips.

In the Friday Evening Rinks, top team Fred Collin’s Sleaham, with Paul Roberts, Sheila Methven, Roy Workman and Fred Collin, beat Peter Annison’s Ramshackles, represented by John Maury, Peter Annison, Angeline Taylor and Bob McKie 26-7.

The Sunday Morning Men’s Rinks had Peter Pratt’s Cranwell Flyers, with Les Mills joined by Peter Pratt, Harry Spencer and Terry Ingham, playing Peter Annison’s Lawmen, with John Maury, Peter Annison, Ken Searle and Ron Pointon.

The Flyers won 19-4.

Jean Bell’s Bellringers, with Aubrey Bristow, Stephen Cornwell, Terri Cornwell and Tony Stanley, were involved in a close match against Fred Collin’s Yo Yos, featuring Fred Collin, Alan Horne, Lorraine Falkingham and Brian Jenkinson in their Tuesday Early Evening Rinks.

Bellringers edged it 14-13.