Town bowler qualifies for the EBA finals

Sleaford Town Bowls Club

FIVE matches for Town bowlers during the week, with three wins, one draw and one loss.

Away at Hykeham in the city league, the game finished all square with two wins and two losses each, both teams taking seven points.

For Sleaford, J Gilbert, P Jobson and T Cope won by four shots, N Mapletoft, P Stokes, and A Bird lost by four, M Titley, R Markham and R Barnes won by eight shots and J Parker, D Curt and D Smith lost by eight shots.

At home to Rustons Sports in the District League wins on all four rinks gave Sleaford aggregate victory 115-79 and a maximum 14 points. J Wareham, J Gilbert and B Gilbert won 34-20; K Hopwood, R Neaverson and M Wareham won 26-21; P Annison, J Cope and B Srawley won 31-20; N Mapletoft, G Turner and R Markham won 24-18.

Away at Eslaforde Park in the Wednesday Afternoon League Town won on two rinks to gain four points. A Upsall, K Hopwood and M Wareham won 21-17; L Morris, K Dye and T Bell won 27-10; J Wareham, J Cope and B Gilbert lost 10-16.

Sleaford played Helpringham in the Lincs Challenge Bowl on a neutral green at Heckington, only winning on one rink to go down 58-79. N Mapletoft, J Gilbert and A Bird won 19-18; J Parker, D Curt and D Smith lost 13-18; P Annison, B Srawley and R Markham lost 17-20; R Neaverson, R Lupton and P Jobson lost 9-23.

At home in the EBA League to St Giles, Town picked up three rink wins and took the aggregate 60-38 to claim all 10 points. N Mapletoft, D Curt, P Jobson and A Bird won 18-13; J Parker, R Lupton, R Markham and D Smith won 19-11; M Titley, R Neaverson, P Musson and A Bird won 23-14.

At the EBA semi-finals on Saturday at Immingham, Andrew Bird qualified for the finals at Worthing by beating A Wyers in the four wood singles. T Cope and P Jobson failed to qualify, losing their game in the four wood pairs.

Ruskington Bowls Club

A TRIP to Dunston in the City (evening) League saw Ruskington lose out on aggregate to pick up just two league points.

For Ruskington, Jim Matson, Ann Jennings and Tony Codd won 25-15; Martin Jennings, Les Wilkinson and Chris Armitage won 20-14; Graham Croft, Keith Pilbeam and George Glover lost 11-31; Jim Barclay, Isabel Drain and Paul Butterworth lost 13-27.

In the Woodhall Spa League at Legionnaires, Ruskington picked up one rick win but again lost on aggregate for another two points. Cecil Hall, Cliff Leetch and Kath Booth lost 10-17; Cyril Knaggs, Jim Graham and Isabel Drain lost 7-25; Les Jenkins, Carol Croft and Keith Pilbeam won 20-11.

At home to Washingborough A in the City (afternoon) League Ruskington claimed four points after a narrow defeat. Paddy Armstrong, Les Wilkinson and Les Jenkins won 24-9; Carol Croft, Trevor Thackray and Dave Woods lost 10-24; John Booth, Isabel Drain and George Glover lost 16-17.

On Friday, Ruskington lost a rescheduled match at home to Eagle in the City (afternoon) League. Les Jenkins, Trevor Harding and David Miller lost 11-14; Dave Woods, Jim Barclay and John Booth lost 8-23; Paddy Armstrong, Les Wilkinson and Graham Croft won 21-14.

Eslaforde Park Bowls Club.

ENTERTAINING Billinghay last Sunday in the ASC Metals League, Eslaforde Park gained eight valuable points.

T Thackray, G Hilton and D Fisher won 19–11; B Cooper, S Cobb and P Armstrong won 20–9; M Holder, R Pask and J Bennett lost 13–15.

Eslaforde picked up 12 more points on Tuesday in the Lincoln League away to Brant Road. R Pask, B Bowyer and D Fisher won 27–15; G Revell, M Gilbert and S Cobb lost 22–24; M Gay, T Bathard and J Curtis won 22–14; M Holder, M Rushby and P Armstrong won 25–15.

But there was only one rink win for Eslaforde on Wednesday in the Woodhall League at home to Sleaford Town. B Bowyer, T Thackray and P Armstrong lost 10–27; M Gay, Margaret Rushby and Mike Rushby lost 17–21; G Revell, J Fergus and K Thompson won 17–9.

Thursday evening saw Eslaforde away to Cranwell, where they won on two of the four rinks but lost out on aggregate. J Fergus, B Cooper and D Fisher lost 17–20; M Gay, T Bathard and R Pask won 25–12; M Gilbert, H Spencer and J Dawson lost 9–31; C Belcher, T Thackray and J Curtis won 26–17.

On Saturday at home to Digby in the Digby Cup, Eslaforde picked up six points. G Hubbard lost against J Potter in the singles 15–22; H Spencer and J Dawson won 18–14 in the pairs; K Thompson, R Pask and S Cobb won 20–12 in the triples and C Belcher, T Thackray, J Curtis and D Fisher won 14–13.