Bowls club fail to win at home to Boston

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

With the indoor season rapidly coming to a close, several teams from Sleaford Indoor Bowls Club have been in action.

The A team were at Home to Boston, but failed to take advantage of the familiar rinks.

A. Bristow’s set of F. Collin, B. Millington and J. Pearson were worthy winners at 25-14.

C. Bradley, with K. Dowling, S. Traynor and H. Spencer led for much of the game but dropped six shots without reply to lose disappointingly 21-17.

R. Musson, with R. Barnes, C. Faria and I. Cliff seemed to have it all sewn up at 14-9 but eventually went down 19-17.

T. Bannister’s set of P. Annison, K. Callow and G. Pask started weakly and were 13-2 down after the first five ends.

They seemed to lose heart, dropping 10 shots without reply mid-game, before showing some resistance late on to reduce the deficit to 28-21.

D. Chandley with G. Chamberlaine, L. Davies and R. Pointon led after nine ends, then dropped 10 shots without reply.

They made a late effort but could not come back and lost out 24-18 leaving Sleaford with only four points gained.

The over 60s fared little better against the top team, Skegness, but they retain third spot overall.

G. Pask, with N. Dallas, C. Faria and F. Collin were good value for a 22-15 win.

D. Chandley, with D. Hocking, J. Thomas and A. Smyth, were 11-4 up at halfway but somehow lost 22-16.

A. Bristow, with K. Dowling, C. Grosse and R. Pearson deserved their win 19-18.

L. Davies, with R. Barnes, D. Woods and T. Stanley were well out of sorts, dropping 15 shots without reply early on, and eventually losing 25-10.

D. Stobart’s set of P. Annison, P. Bacon and T. Curran showed some spirit when coming back from seven shots down with some strong bowling late on to force a well-deserved 22-22 draw.

The friendly team’s last match of the season was at home to Horncastle where a weakened team went down by five rinks to three.