BOWLS: Poor set of results for Ruskington club

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

A busy week for Ruskington Bowls Club, with six matches played but few of them resulting in good news.

Against Dunholme on their green in the City (evening) League, Tony Codd with Mike Kennedy and John Bray lost 10-45. Jock Mitchell with Les Wilkinson and Trevor Harding offset that to some degree by winning 31-11, and George Freeland with Jim Barclay and Paul Butterworth took another bite out of the aggregate by winning 25-15. But it was not enough, as Dave Woods with John Hurst and George Glover also took a big loss at 12-39, so they returned home with four league points to Dunholme’s 10.

Ruskington entertained Monks Road WMC in a District League match, with the aggregate going to the visitors by two shots.

Results: Waylon Clarke, Tony Codd and Jock Mitchell won 20-13; David Miller, Trevor Thackray and Zack Thompson lost 26-30; George Freeland, Paul Butterworth and Les Warren lost 20-22; Wendy Pateman, Keith Pilbeam and Sue Mitchell lost 20-23.

Bristol Club visited in a Woodhall Spa League match and again, Ruskington ended with just two points.

Results: Les Jenkins, Carol Croft lost 17-19; Cecil Hall, Graham Croft and Vic Farmer lost 12-29; Jackie Ray, Isabel Drain and Kath Booth won 29-16.

Next up were Dunholme again, this in the Cliff League and at home match, but the result was even worse, scraping just one drawn game.

Results: Waylon Clarke, Trevor Thackray and Jim Matson drew 15-15; Tony Codd, Vic Farmer and Les Warren lost 17-26; Dave Woods, Jim Barclay and John Booth lost 14-24; Wendy Pateman, Karena Woods and Sue Mitchell lost 6-24.

Ruskington’s City (afternoon) League match was away at Heighington, where the news was little better with just another two points gained.

Results: Les Jenkins, Les Wilkinson and Les Warren lost 9-32; John Booth, Isabel Drain and Jim Matson lost 10-26; David Miller, Waylon Clarke and Jock Mitchell won 41-8.

Finally, Ruskington played Woodhall Spa in the new Villages Cup competition at Metheringham where, once again, two points were accrued.

Results: Tony Codd, Mike Kennedy and Trevor Harding lost 9-23; Les Jenkins, Carol Croft and John Hurst lost 10-20; Jim Matson, Isabel Drain and Graham Croft won 18-7.