BOWLS: Results round-up

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

Played at Metheringham, Ruskington suffered defeat on all three rinks to lose to Billinghay in the Villages Charity Cup.

ASC Metals League

Sleaford Town 57

Billinghay 37

Linda Morris, Brian Srawley and Roy Markham won 22-12; Ruth Bird, Pete Annison and Neil Mapletoft won 18-15; Robin Wilson, Andrew Morris and Kris Moore won 17-10.

City League

Eagle 68

Sleaford Town 118

Ken Dye, Larry Davies and Andrew Bird won 33-14; Calum Campbell, Kris Moore and Neil Mapletoft won 33-16; John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Paul Jobson won 30-19; Martin Titley, Phil Musson and Richard Barnes won 22-19.

Hykeham 70

Ruskington 105

Waylon Clarke, Jock Mitchell and John Hurst won 30-9; Jim Matson, Les Wilkinson and Graham Croft won 32-14; Wendy Pateman, Trevor Harding and George Glover won 32-17; Tony Codd, Keith Pilbeam and Trevor Thackray lost 11-30.

City Afternoon League

Lee Road 64

Ruskington 24

David Miller, Isabel Drain and Trevor Thackray lost 16-18; Tony Codd, Les Wilkinson and Graham Croft lost 9-22; John Booth, Carol Croft and Sue Mitchell lost 9-24.

Woodhall Spa Friendly League

Heckington 44

Sleaford Town 55

Pete Annison, Mick Jarrald and Tom Bell won 24-9; Ken Hopwood, Gillian Annison and Larry Davies 18-21; Robin Wilson, Ken Dye and Brian Srawley 13-14.

Ruskington 58

Cranwell 48

Jim Barclay, Carol Croft and Les Warren won 27-12; Jim Matson, Isabel Drain and Pat McGarrigle lost 15-16; Tony Codd, Angela Goddard and Graham Croft lost 16-20.

EBA League

Washingborough 41

Sleaford Town 57

Martin Titley, Phil Musson, Kris Moore and Neil Mapletoft won 26-9; John Parker, Bas Gilbert, Roy Markham and Paul Jobson won 19-13; Calum Campbell, Roger Neaverson, David Campbell and Andrew Bird lost 12-19.

Cliff League

Ruskington 83

Dunston 64

Dave Woods, Jock Mitchell and John Hurst won 23-15; Tony Codd, Les Wilkinson and Keith Pilbeam won 22-17; Paul Butterworth, Mike Kennedy and Les Warren won 16-14; Wendy Pateman, Sue Mitchell and Trevor Thackray lost 12-18.