GLL fund helping athletes to go for gold

Sport news
Sport news

Ahead of a huge year of UK and world sport in 2020, North Kesteven’s next generation of title-chasing athletes can apply for support in going for gold in the big events next year, thanks to the GLL Sport Foundation, the UK’s largest independent athlete support programme.

The GLL Sport Foundation (GSF) was launched in 2008, by charitable social enterprise, GLL – operator of public leisure facilities in North Kesteven.

It helps aspiring sporting talent fulfil their potential. Supported athletes can benefit from financial support, physiotherapy, gym memberships at GLL’s Better sport and leisure facilities and more.

In 2019, GSF supported over 3,000 athletes across 117 sporting disciplines, taking its total investment to £11 million in 11 years.

Applications can be submitted via the GLL Sport Foundation website from December 20, 2019 to February 20, 2020.