Mixed bag for Ruskington Bowls Club

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

The outdoor season is now underway, and Ruskington Bowls Club’s first six matches produced mixed results.

In the Woodhall Spa League against Heckington, Les Warren, Carol Croft and Keith Pilbeam finished 4-21 down.

John Booth, with Jock Mitchell and Graham Croft, sneaked a win at 15-14, but Wendy Pateman, Eddie Yeates and Isabel Drain lost 8-13.

In the Lincoln District League at Thorpe-on- the-Hill, John Booth, Les Wilkinson and David Miller won 21-17, Tony Codd, Keith Pilbeam and Jock Mitchell won 22-13 and Wendy Pateman, Kath Booth and Sue Mitchell won 30-12 for all 10 league points.

The second Woodhall Spa League match was away at Eslaforde, where the team won two league points, gained by Wendy Pateman, Isabel Drain and Eddie Yeates (17-10).

Les Jenkins, Angela Goddard and Graham Croft lost 9-20 and Les Warren, Carl Croft and Jim Barclay were beaten 7-25.

In the City (Afternoon) League at home to Nettleham, David Miller’s set of Angela Goddard and Graham Croft lost 12-20.

John Booth, Les Wilkinson and Isabel Drain finished at 13-19 but Les Jenkins, Carol Croft and Jackie Ray won 24-14, Ruskington missing the aggregate by just four shots.

Ruskington drew Nettleham A in the City (Evening) League KO Cup at home.

Tony Codd, Keith Pilbeam and Steve Clifton won 23-16, Waylon Clarke, John Hurst and Lorraine Clifton went down 13-16 and Jim Matson, Eddie Yeates and Les Warren were well beaten 13-25.

At Swineshead in the Coningsby League, the hosts took the bulk of the points on offer with six, leaving Ruskington with two, garnered by Les Jenkins, Paul Shelley and Les Wilkinson (18-11).

Waylon Clarke, Jackie Ray and Lorraine Clifton missed out 17-18 and Jim Matson, Paul Butterworth and Keith Pilbeam lost 14-23.