Reel Deal surpass the 100-point mark

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

In week 26 of the Sleaford and District Snooker League, Barge and Bottle Division One champions Reel Deal C surpassed 100 points after beating visitors Legion P, who were consequently relegated, 4-1.

Jason Marriott scored a 45 break in the opening frame.

Garry Sharpe earned best win of the week in frame three.

Electra G are hanging on to second place by a single point following a 3-2 defeat at Upholsterers, who recovered from 2-0 down.

Stefan Lawrence made a 39 break in frame two.

Electra B strengthened their third position after halting a Cardinals fightback to win a final frame decider for a 3-2 away victory.

The final fixture of the week saw Spanners maintain a remote possibility of finishing runners-up after defeating visitors Legion A 3-2.

Myles Deleuse scored a 32 break.

In the Sleafordian Coaches Division Two, the top two teams Soloists and Foundations clinched promotion after registering good wins, but who wins the title will be decided after their final matches next week.

Soloists edged one point ahead of Foundations following a 5-0 away victory at Easy Five.

Foundations defeated visitors Heckington B 4-1 at home.

Kevin Shaw earned best win of the week in frame five in which 118 points were scored.

Fourth-placed Reel E Good narrowed the gap behind third placed Reel B to six points after winning their derby clash 3-2 at home.

Polley E moved up a place to sixth spot, one point behind Solo B in fifth, after winning their encounter 4-1 away.

The final fixture of the week witnessed Reel Stars move off the bottom of the table after narrowly winning a final frame decider for a 3-2 home triumph over visitors Electra D.

Upcoming snooker and billiards finals. Mark Wildman Billiards - April 24, Solo Club, 6pm Dave Aelberry (Cardinals) v Simon Biggin (Reel Deal C); Individual Knockout - April 24, Legion, 7.30pm Steve Caithness (Electra G) v Jason Marriott (Reel Deal C); Doubles Knockout - April 25, Legion, 7.30pm Marriott/Marriott (Reel Deal C) v Wood/Palumbo (Electra B/Electra G); Over 50sKnockout Cup - April 25, Reel Club, 7.30pm Spike Rushby (Cardinals) v Kevin Spry (Legion A)/Guy Garrett (Spanners); John Jenkins Knockout - April 26, Legion, 7.30pm Reel Deal C v Electra G; Turnbull Rose Bowl - April 26, Legion, 7.30pm Electra B v Solo B; Three Hand Knockout Cup - April 27, Reel Club, 7.30pm Watson/Copeland/Taylor/Wells v Rushby/Ward/A. Aelberry.