Reel Deal win maintains snooker lead


In week 12 of the Sleaford and District Snooker League, the top fixture in the Barge and Bottle Division One featured leaders Reel Deal C at second-place Electra A.

Jason Marriott and Carl Marriott put Reel Deal C into a 2-0 up lead beating Ken Choularton and Stefan Lawrence 62-25 and 45-36 respectively.

Steve Caithness pulled a frame back for Electra A in the third frame following a 59-32 result against Craig Sentance.

A 30-break in frame four for Simon Biggin contributed to a 56-46 win over Joe Kerwin that clinched the match for Reel Deal C, before Alf Palumbo doubled Electra A’s points tally with a 54-23 outcome against Keith Southern - 3-2 the final score to Reel Deal C.

After an early setback at Wanderers, Electra B moved into second place after winning the next three frames for a 3-2 victory.

Chris Onley earned best win of the week in the second frame, while frame five saw 120 points scored.

Gavin Robson scored a 27-break in frame three.

Results: Mike Smithson 51 Paul Clark 38, Mark Dewhurst 26 Chris Onley 73, Terry Wing 19 Gavin Robson 63 (27), Neil Price 23 Wayne Brankin 56, Alf Falconio 67 Anthony Wood 53.

Upholsterers, in fourth spot, moved to within touching distance of the two Electra Club sides A and B after a powerful 5-0 away win at Electra S.

Results: Steve Lunney 16 Dave Woods 49, Simon Croft 34 Adi Taylor 50, Michael Scott 21 Paul Terry 63, Chris Lawrence 33 Andy Copeland 68, Doug Scott 36 Spike Rushby 56.

The final fixture of the week was a derby clash at the Legion between Foundations and Legion A.

Twice Legion A went in front, only for Foundations to level.

Legion A however prevailed in the deciding fifth frame for a 3-2 triumph that leapfrogged them above Foundations into fifth place.

Results: Rick Ansell 31 Tony Luck 57, Nick McCauley 54 Kevin Spry 10, Paul Stevens 6 Paul Banks 49, Ian Eynon 42 David Brown 38, John Jenkins 38 Colin Brown 67.

Breaks: 59 Alf Palumbo (Electra A), 42 Ian Eynon (Foundations), 38 Simon Biggin (Reel Deal C), 33 Simon Biggin (Reel Deal C), Carl Marriott (Reel Deal C), 30 Simon Biggin (Reel Deal C), 27 Gavin Robson (Electra B), Stefan Lawrence (Electra A), 26 Chris Onley (Electra B), Carl Marriott (Reel Deal C), Andy Copeland (Upholsterers).

Top winners (W-L): 10-1 Simon Biggin (Reel Deal C), 9-2 Andy Copeland (Upholsterers), 9-3 Paul Clark (Electra B).

In the Sleafordian Coaches Division Two, the top fixture of the week saw third-placed Electra C visit leaders Legion P.

Andy Bainbridge and Tom Collyer put Legion P 2-0 ahead following 66-5 and 47-19 scores at the expense of Brian Rudkin and D. Martin-Taylor.

Electra C then proceeded to level the match by winning frames three and four.

Roy Bennett outscored Dan Wilbraham 51-43 and Jack Thompson overcame Calum Churcher 59-47.

In the final frame Jason Zealand snatched a 3-2 victory for Legion P, winning 63-35 against John Sharman, putting Legion P eight points clear at the top of the table.

Second-place Reel B lost their encounter at Polley E, despite recovering from 1-0 and 2-1 behind.

Results: Ian Little 57 Owen Penton-Voak 50, Sid Hicks 17 Len Chapman 50, John Blow 55 Carl Dodd 29, Mick Cawsey 27 Matt Clements 40, Terry Atkinson 60 Trevor Kenyon 40.

After sharing the opening two frames, Heckington B got back to winning ways by defeating visitors Heat is On 3-2.

Frame 5 saw 114 points scored and Ashley Rooke earn best win of the week.

Results: Eddie Cullen 52 Kaz Hamasaed 42, Mark Wallington 25 Conor Doherty 45, Nick Needham 52 Lee Knight 23, Philip Wootton 49 Jack Moss 40, Maurice Barnatt 27 Ashley Rooke 87.

The final fixture of the week witnessed Unpottables climb two places to sixth following a good 4-1 victory over Desperados.

Paul Harris scored a 27 break in frame two.

Results: Ray Black 50 Lisa Foreman 9, Nino Vacca 8 Paul Harris 58 (27), David Gash 49 Kev Kopp 4, Ben Kerrison 50 Neil Tubb 13, Paddy Harland 47 Nick Janaway 24.

Breaks: 30 Calum Churcher (Legion P), 27 Paul Harris (Desperados), Jack Moss (Heat is On), 26 Paul Harris (Desperados), James Scott (Solo B on Tour), 24 Mick Cawsey (Polley E), 22 Ray Black (Unpottables).

Top winners (W-L): 10-1 Andy Bainbridge (Legion P), Paul Harris (Desperados).