Ruskington Bowls Club face ups and downs as league season draws to close

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They look certain to be relegated from Section B of the City (evening) League after taking just two points at home to Norman House as they sit bottom with one match to play.

John Booth with Isabel Drain and Colin Pawson lost 7-26, Jim Barclay, with Les Wilkinson and Paul Butterworth, lost 19-22, and Waylon Clarke with Jock Mitchell and John Hurst lost 11-17. The club’s one ray of sunshine was from Tony Codd, with Trevor Thackray and Wendy Pateman who won 19-16.

* But Ruskington boosted their promotion hopes in District League Division Two after taking maximum points against second-placed Bardney.

Waylon Clarke’s set of Trevor Harding and Graham Croft started things off with a 28-13 win, including a last-end maximum six, while Tony Codd, with Paul Butterworth and Linda Picton, won out 20-15, and Wendy Pateman’s set of Kath Booth and Cecil Hall won 24-15.

* But they face another relegation battle in Cliff League Division Two with two games to play after takign four points at Saxilby.

Tony Codd, with Jock Mitchell and Tom Chapman lost agonisingly 13-14 after dropping one shot on the last end, but John Booth, with Les Wilkinson and John Hurst, won 18-15.

Waylon Clarke’s set of Trevor Thackray and Colin Pawson also won 18-14, but Trevor Harding’s set of Steve Clifton and Lorraine Clifton lost 11-29 so the aggregate was lost.

* Ruskington lie sixth, of eight teams, with a game to play in Section A of the City (afternoon) League.

Washingborough A visited for the penultimate match, and Les Jenkins, with Isabel Drain and John Booth, had a field day routing their opponents 21-3.

Waylon Clarke with Les Wilkinson and Les Warren came close to matching that with a 26-9 win, and Tony Codd, with Carol Croft and Graham Croft also recorded a heavy 20-10 victory to earn all 10 league points and some breathing space.

* They kept their promotion hopes alive in the Coningsby League Division Three when they faced Burton House.

Ruskington were just a point and a place ahead of their third-placed opponents going into the game.

Les Jenkins, with Trevor Thackray and John Hurst, had a difficult time, but kept the deficit down to 11-17, and Paul Butterworth, with Les Wilkinson and Jock Mitchell were tied with two ends to play, but dropped a shot on each of those to lose 14-16.

But Ruskington’s third set of Waylon Clarke, with Jackie Ray and Zack Thompson, were on top of their game and shut out their opponents on all but five ends to win 26-6 to share the league points at four each.