Ruskington Bowls Club: Issues decided as season reaches finale

Get involved in our bowls coverage
Get involved in our bowls coverage

The outdoor season is almost over and much of Ruskington Bowling Club’s destinies for next year have been decided.

Ruskington are safe in the City (evening) League Division Two despite picking up two points at home to Lee Road.

Waylon Clarke, with John Hurst and Zack Thompson, lost agonisingly, 20-21, after a single on the last end, and George Glover’s set of Les Wilkinson and Jim Barclay went down 10-21.

Wendy Pateman, with Isabel Drain and Linda Picton, lost 15-30, and only Tony Codd, Jock Mitchell and Trevor Harding saved a little pride with a 23-21 win after picking up seven shots over the final two ends.

* Away to Skellingthorpe in the District League, Ruskington lost 50-64 on aggregate and took three points, which, with one match to play, should see them safe in the second division.

* Hosting Nettleham in the Cliff League Division Two, Wendy Pateman’s set of Les Warren and Linda Picton won a close game 19-17, while Jim Barclay’s set of Tony Codd and Cecil Hall shaded their match 18-16, as did Jim Matson, with Les Wilkinson and Tom Chapman, 19-16.

John Booth’s set of Isabel Drain and John Hurst went down 14-22, but the aggregate was lost by a shot for six league points, enough to secure safety with a match to spare.

* Ruskington could face the drop from City (afternoon) League Section A after picking up no points at Rustons on their unique playing surface.

Les Jenkins with Carol Croft and Les Warren made a fight of it, but went down 15-17, but Ruskington’s other sets were outclassed on the unfamiliar surface, John Booth’s set losing 7-25 and Jackie Ray’s 14-29.

If Leadenham take any points at home to Rustons, Ruskington will be relegated.

* Ruskington fell agonisingly short on promotion after their final Coningsby League Division Three match at Kirton,

Needing to win, or at least take most of the points, Les Jenkins, with Les Wilkinson and Jim Matson, lost 11-22, and Paul Butterworth, with Jackie Ray and John Hurst, were pipped 14-16.

Waylon Clarke, with Jock Mitchell and Tony Codd, did well to achieve a 26-19 win, but that was not enough to balance the two losses, as the aggregate was six shots too few, and promotion missed by just two points.