Ruskington Bowls Club miss out on cup final

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A busy week for Ruskington Bowls Club brought more losses than wins from their six matches.

They opened with a home win, and eight points, against Saxilby to stay second in the City (evening) League C Division.

Les Warren, with Isabel Drain and Trevor Harding won 26-17, and Waylon Clarke, with Jock Mitchell and Lorraine Clifton, also won 25-12, but Tony Codd, with Keith Pilbeam and John Hurst, went down 13-18, so we gained eight league points.

* Taking eight points from Brant Road left Ruskington mid-table in fourth in the District League.

Jim Matson, Jock Mitchell and Jim Barclay won 22-17, and David Miller, with Trevor Harding and Wendy Pateman, won 20-17, but Tony Codd, Les Wilkinson and Tom Chapman dropped a two on the final end to lose 15-17.

* Ruskington struggled to read the parched greens of Billingborough to earn two points in the Woodhall Spa League.

Les Jenkins, with Angela Goddard and Graham Croft, lost 11-25, having trailed 0-20, and Jock Mitchell, with Joan Cowie and Tom Chapman were in an even worse situation and lost 8-29.

A little pride was saved by John Hurst, with Carol Croft and Alan Cowie, on an easier green, with a 21-8 win.

* Skellingthorpe visited in the Cliff League where Ruskington sit third in Division Two.

But a two-point haul will not help their position.

Paul Butterworth, with Jock Mitchell and Les Warren, won 19-12, but Tony Codd, Les Wilkinson and Lorraine Clifton lost 11-16, and Jim Matson, Isabel Drain and Trevor Harding dropped a five on the first end and never recovered, losing 8-28.

* Last Thursday, Ruskignton missed out on a Hospitals Cup final place, going down 34-78 in the semi-final to holders St Giles on Washingborough’s green.

* But they stayed top of the Coningsby League Division Three after Friday’s home clash with second-placed Kirton A.

Jackie Ray, with Sue Mitchell and Paul Butterworth, won 21-16, Waylon Clarke, Jock Mitchell and Keith Pilbeam drew 15-all, and Paul Oke, with Les Wilkinson and Les Warren, lost 14-26, as the team gained three points.

After ten matches, Ruskington lead their nearest rivals by a single point.