Sleaford martial arts school ranked in top 10 at UK Champs

Junior medal winners at the UK Championships EMN-191212-165157002
Junior medal winners at the UK Championships EMN-191212-165157002

A Sleaford martial arts club announced itself on the national stage when it secured a top-10 ranking at a UK competition.

A 25-strong squad from Sleaford Kuk Sool Won martial art school travelled to compete at the UK Championships, in Liverpool, and placed ninth overall out of 70 Kuk Sool Won schools from across the UK and Europe.

Senior Sleaford medallists EMN-191212-165213002

Senior Sleaford medallists EMN-191212-165213002

After many months of preparation to compete in self-defence techniques, sparring, traditional forms and weapons, the Lincolnshire students hit peak form, improving on the 10th place they earned at the European Championships this summer.

Stand-out performers included Eleanor Slack who achieved the highest number of medal points of all the students with one gold and three silvers.

Lucy Atherton also impressed with a gold, silver and copper, while father and daughter pair, Bradley and Grace Johnson, also performed well with three gold medals between them.

In his first tournament, Mike Rutland won gold in techniques and sparring, and Alex McConnell took gold in techniques.

Medals galore for this trio EMN-191212-165228002

Medals galore for this trio EMN-191212-165228002

Other medal winners: Albert Green, Grace Taylor, Lela Berry, Theodore Berry, Verity Berry, Megan Atherton, Ethan and Ryan Corless, Bruce Atherton, Brendan Mangan, Edward and Meredith Rutland, Oliver and Guy Shirley, Henrique Perreira, Eva Wilson, Hugo Spolton, Freddie Baxter.

Completing the school’s outing was Jacklyn Slack who achieved two silvers as well as promotion to first degree black belt – the school’s first homegrown black belt.

Instructor, PKJN Keith Slack was impressed with the drive, commitment, and hard work throughout the team, regardless of whether medals were won or not

“It can be quite a daunting experience, especially for the kids,” he said.

“Therefore, getting on the mat and giving it a go is what it’s all about, a medal is just the icing on the cake.”

Kuk Sool Won is a traditional martial art which incorporates many of the different elements of Korean martial art techniques and styles.

It includes kicking, hand striking, traditional forms, self-defence, sparring, weapons training, including staff, sword and spear, and body conditioning techniques.

It is also aims to develop a strong martial art spirit in its students, particularly discipline, diligence, integrity, the importance of hard work, and respect.

The Sleaford school has grown since its launch just three years ago and is taking new members in the New Year.

If interested, email or visit the Sleaford Kuk Sool Won Facebook page.