Sleaford Snooker League pacesetters in unstoppable form


In week 21 of the Sleaford and District League, the top two sides in Barge and Bottle Division One both won 4-1.

Leaders Reel Deal C bounced back after week 20’s defeat with a 4-1 away win at Legion A.

Frame one saw 129 points scored, while Jason Marriott scored a crucial 32 break in the final frame as the match produced 504 points in total.

Scores: Kevin Spry 46-83 Keith Southern; Paul Banks 33-62 Craig Sentance; Tony Luck 28-61 Sean Dudley; David Brown 55-42 Simon Biggin; Colin Brown 42-52 Jason


Electra B remained 11 points behind the leaders after a 4-1 home win against visitors Upholsterers in week 21’s top fixture.

Echoing Reel Deal’s match, a total of 506 points were racked up in the contest.

Scores: Paul Clark 68-41 Dave Woods; Gavin Robson 78-42 Spike Rushby; Chris Onley 62-16 Jason Partridge; Wayne Brankin 53-44 Andy Copeland; Anthony Wood 34-68 Graham Watson.

After narrowly losing the opening two frames, Electra A recovered to win 3-2 at Foundations to move back into third place above Upholsterers.

Steve Caithness scored a 28 break in frame four, while Stefan Lawrence made a 20 break in the final frame.

Scores: Kevin Shaw 56-49 Joe Kerwin; Nick McCauley 59-55 John Wheeler; John Jenkins 30-52 Alf Palumbo; Rick Ansell 19-51 Steve Caithness; Ian Eynon 30-68 Stefan Lawrence.

The final match of the week saw Electra S go four points clear of the relegation zone following a 4-1 win against struggling Wanderers.

Michael Scott earned best win of the week in frame four.

Scores: Michael Smith 75-22 Alf Falconio; Chris Gallimore 54-26 Mark Dewhurst; Chris Lawrence 12-41 John Butler; Michael Scott 76-24 Terry Wing; Doug Scott 40-37 Neil Price.

* In the Sleafordian Coaches Division Two, Legion P extended their lead at the top of the table to a huge 20 points.

The leaders stormed to a 5-0 away win in their encounter at Polley E, with Calum Churcher earning the best win of the week helped by a 24 break in frame two.

Scores: Ian Little 15-66 Andy Bainbridge; Sid Hicks 27-79 Calum Churcher; John Blow 41-44 Dan Wilbraham; Mick Cawsey 13-45 Martin Osbourne; Terry Atkinson 48-67 Dave Dawson.

Second-placed Electra C defeated Heat is On 3-2.

Scores: Roy Bennett 23-50 Jake Bradley; David Martin-Taylor 49-41 Conor Doherty; Vic Rous 71-26 Callum Birchwood; Jack Thompson 59-26 Lee Knights; Brian Rudkin 30-57 Jack Moss.

Third-placed Desperados kept the pressure on Electra C, stopping a Solo B on Tour fightback to claim the spoils in a fifth-frame decider for a 3-2 home win.

Scores: Liam Atkins 40-17 Nick Kelly; Paul Harris 57-49 Fred Ainsworth; Kev Kopp 37-48 Alan James; Logan Hazzard 25-58 James Scott; Dave Corder 47-35 Ryan Wright.

The final fixture of the week witnessed Heckington B move up to fourth place following a 3-2 away win at Unpottables, with 130 points scored in Nino Vacca’s close win over Nick Needham.

The home team, despite defeat, climbed to seventh.

Scores: Ben Kerrison 34-51 Eddie Cullen; Paddy Harland 48-54 Philip Wootton; Nino Vacca 70-60 Nick Needham; Tim Yates 32-44 George Tomlinson; Ray Black 59-48 Roy Jackson.