Sleaford Town bowlers hit top form

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Sleaford Town bowlers took five wins from six matches last week, starting at Moorland/Railway in the EBA League.

Town won on two rinks to take the aggregate score 61-40 for eight points.

Rink scores: John Parker, Mick Faulkner, Peter Stokes and Neil Mapletoft won 28-9; Trevor Cope, Andrew Bird, Richard Barnes, Roger Neaverson won 20-16, Andrew Morris, Roy Markham, Martin Titley, Kris Moore lost 13-15.

* At Heighington in the City League, Richard Barnes’ set clinched a two on the last end as Town won all three rinks to take a maximum 10 points, and the overall score 69-41.

Rink scores: Martin Titley, Roger Neaverson, Andrew Bird won 26-6; Neil Mapletoft, Roy Markham, Trevor Cope won 25-18; John Parker, Kris Moore, Richard Barnes won 18-17.

* Hosting Norman House in the District League, just one winning rink secured the aggregate 52-47 and eight point.

Rink scores: Roy Markham, Robin Wilson and Julie Cope won 28-8; Ruth Bird, Joan Gilbert, Brian Srawley lost 15-21; Clive Steadman, Jackie Wareham, Bas Gilbert lost 9-18.

* At Leadenham in a re-arranged Woodhall League game, all rinks were won to gain six points.

Rink scores: Robin Wilson, Clive Steadman, Bas Gilbert won 25-9; Celilia Faulkner, Ken Dye, Ken Irwin won 19-17; Mick Jarrald, Mick Faulkner, Brian Srawley won 10-9.

* Hosting Cranwell, all four rinks won to take maximum 12 points, and the aggregate 99-58.

Rink scores: Clive Steadman, Jackie Wareham, Bas Gilbert won 33-17; Calum Campbell, Julie Cope, Roy Markham won 25-15; Mick Jarrald, Peter Stokes, Ken Irwin won 24-11; Joan Gilbert, Brian Srawley, Trevor Cope won 17-15.

* The last game of the week brought the sole aggregate loss, at home to Eslaforde Park when only one rink was won.

Rink scores: Calum Campbell, Gillian Annison, Kris Moore won 27-12; Celilia Faulkner, Roger Neaverson, David Campbell lost 13-20; Martin Titley, Peter Stokes, Richard Barnes lost 13-21; Mick Jarrald, Ken Dye, Mick Faulkner lost 20-23.

* In the President’s Day competition, held on Sunday, 22 sets competed, with the top prize going to Terry Hudson, Ray Lockey and Trevor Bannister who edged out runners-up Les Richardson, Paul Burton and Bob Sivyer.