Sleaford Town bowlers move into cup final


Sleaford Town reached the City League Handicap Cup after overcoming Lincoln Eastgate in an away semi-final tie.

Town gave away 23 shots, but won 77-43, and by 11 shots with the handicap.

Rink scores: Neil Mapletoft, Peter Stokes, Trevor Cope won 32-14; Martin Titley, Roger Neaverson, Andrew Bird won 24-15; John Parker, Kris Moore, Richard Barnes won 21-14.

* Town started the week at St Giles in the ASC Metals League where they lost by just three shots, 48-51, but took four points for two winning rinks.

Scores: Linda Morris, Andrew Bird, Kris Moore won 18-15; Calum Campbell, Bas Gilbert, Ken Irwin won 17-15; Joan Gilbert, Brian Srawley, Roy Markham lost 13-21.

* At Collingham in the City League, two winning rinks secured the aggregate 72-40 and eight points.

There were big wins for Martin Titley, Kris Moore and Andrew Bird (31-7), and Neil Mapletoft, Roy Markham and Trevor Cope (22-11), but John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Richard Barnes were pipped 19-22.

* Hosting Moorland/Railway in the District League, Sleaford lost all three rinks in a 46-69 defeat.

Rink scores: Robin Wilson, Julie Cope, Roy Markham lost 21-23; Joan Gilbert, Roger Neaverson, Ken Irwin lost 14-23; Ken Dye, Jackie Wareham, Bas Gilbert lost 11-23.

* At home to Cranwell in the Woodhall League, two winning rinks secured four points.

Rink scores: Robin Wilson, Brian Srawley, Bas Gilbert won 25-15; Cecilia Faulkner, Ken Dye, Ken Irwin won 17-13; Mick Jarrald, Clive Steadman, Mick Faulkner lost 7-22.

* In the week’s last match, at Sleaford Bristol, it was agreed to play three rinks, with Sleaford winning on one and losing the match by just two shots, 56-58, to take two of the 12 point on offer.

Rink scores: Mick Jarrald, Ken Dye, Brian Srawley won 21-13; Cecilia Faulkner, Julie Cope, Ken Irwin lost 17-22; Clive Steadman, Gillian Annison, Mick Faulkner lost 18-23.