TAE KWON-DO: Sleaford club achieves 100 per cent pass rate

Sleaford Tae Kwon-Do Club juniors.
Sleaford Tae Kwon-Do Club juniors.

Junior members of Sleaford Tae Kwon-Do club are pictured proudly displaying the belts they were awarded

at a recent promotion and assessment event at Northgate Sports Hall, Sleaford.

Under the guidance of grandmaster ninth degree black-belt David Oliver, chairman of the Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain, the club was successful in achieving a 100 per cent pass rate and highly commended by the grading examiner for the high standard achieved throughout the day.

Returning to training after the promotion, the students are now enjoying learning their new syllabus and training will continue as normal throughout the summer school holidays.

Grading results: 2nd Kup Red Belt – Jiaxin Zhuo, Zen Esponilla, Zy Esponilla, Jay Hawkins, Harley Ebb;

3rd Kup Blue Belt – Jason Zhuo, Hayden Marshall; 4th Kup Blue Belt – Thomas Li, Bianca Pereira, Yixuan Xie, Jospeh McKenna; 5th Kup Green Belt – Ethan Hauge-Wright, Joshua Ellis, Krystian Kaczmarski;

6th Kup Green Belt – Sammy Zakaria, Delicia Johnson, Oliver Lines, Miyah White, Anna Wilkinson, Lacee Williams, Dale Williams; 7th Kup Yellow Belt – Kaviru De Zoysa, Ginuri De Zoysa, Harrison Shreeve, Vincent Shreeve, Justyna Jakubowska; 8th Kup Yellow Belt – Lukasz Plewinski, Alex Sheldon, William Jordan-Page, Edward Drayton, Finlay Drayton, Paige Williams, India Lee, Peter Rajesh; 9th Kup White Belt – Leah Derbyshire, Billy Lucas, Frederick Sutch, Henry Sutch, Ollie Plumley, Jamie McKay, Jakc Giles, David Hawkins.

Junior Tiger Assessment: Nuala Reilly, L. J. Astill, Reggie Astill, Kieran Gallagher, Lloyd Robertshaw, Noah Trenholm, Riley Trenholm, Matthew Beesley, Jack Barclay, Harry Nethercott, Valeria Zabkova, Kiefer Hewitt, Joseph Thorpe, Daniel Williams, Arvis Snornieks, Jacob Pope.