Victories aplenty in bowls leagues

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

Sleaford Town Bowls Club claimed a 50-36 ASC Metals League win at Vacu-Lug.

Results: Peter Annison, Julie Cope and Trevor Cope (21-8) and Linda Morris, Gill Annison and A. Bird (16-14) and Steve Morris, Neil Mapletoft and Larry Davies (13-14).

At Collingham in the Hospital Cup, Town moved into round two with a 79-63 win.

Results: Roger Neaverson, Gill Annison and Roy Markham (22-16), Jackie Wareham, Catharine Frain and Bas Gilbert (23-17) and Peter Annison, Colin Grosse and Larry Davies (18-13), Gerald Woodhead, Brian Srawley and Mick Wareham (16-17).

Against Eslaforde Park, two rink wins gave the town four points in a 49-49 draw.

Results: Joan Gilbert, Ken Dye and Tom Bell (18-11), Robin Wilson, Mick Wareham and Bas Gilbert (19-13) and Arthur Norris, Colin Grosse and Roy Markham (12-25).

At Rustons Sports in the EBA League, all rinks were successful to earn 10 points and a score of 54-38.

Results: Peter Annison, Brian Srawley, John Parker and Derek Smith (19-15), Lewis Jobson, Neil Maplrtoft, Phil Musson and Andrew Bird (19-11), Martin Titley, Kris Moore, Mick Wareham and Larry Davies (16-12).

At home to Metheringham in the ASC Metals League the team won six points with a 59-48 aggregate.

Results: Peter Annison, Roger Neaverson and Trevor Cope (26-8), Linda Morris, Colin Grose and Andrew Bird (17-20) and Neil Mapletoft, Brian Srawley, and Paul Jobson (16-20).

l Ruskington Bowls Club won 12 points at Navenby in the City (Evening) League.

Results: George Freeland, Trevor Thackray and Jackie Ray (15-27), George Glover, Les Wilkinson and Andy Snoxell (24-16), Waylon Clarke, Jim Barclay and John Hurst (30-24), Tony Codd, Keith Pilbeam and Paul Shelley (23-18).

The club progressed in the Hospitals Cup Knockout, beating Nettleham at home.

Results: Wendy Pateman, Kath Booth and Tony Codd (29-16), Waylon Clarke, Trevor Thackray and Paul Butterworth (23-18), David Miller, Trevor Harding and Vic Farmer (16-23) and George Freeland.

At home win against Legionnaires in a Woodhall Spa match claimed four points.

Results: Les Jenkins, Carol Croft and John Hurst (19-16), Cecil Hall, Isabel Drain and Les Warren (19-7), Andy Snoxell, Vic Farmer and Jim Barclay (14-25).

The club claimed eight points as they won at Claytons for a City (Afternoon) League match.

Results: Les Jenkins, Carol Croft and Trevor Thackray (22-13), John Booth, Les Wilkinson and Jim Matson (24-13), David Miller, Isabel Drain and Tony Codd (11-18).

In the City (Evening) League Knockout Cup the team lost at Metheringham, the handicap system giving the hosts a 21-shot lead.

Results: David Miller, Trevor Thackray and Paul Butterworth (24-15), Tony Codd, Trevor Harding and Andy Snoxell (19-25), George Glover, Jim Barclay and Jackie Ray (22-27).