Paralympian Kieran
cannot wait for the next games to start

Kieran Tscherniawsky
Kieran Tscherniawsky
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A PARALYMPIAN has returned home after having the time of his life at the London Games.

Twenty-year-old Kieran Tscherniawsky, of Heckington, competed in the London 2012 Paralympic Games on Friday in the F33 seated discus, coming 10th out of 20 athletes in the event. He described it as a ‘wonderful experience’.

His grandmother Molly Burrows said: “We are tremendously proud of him, no-one can describe the feeling.

“When we think back to him as a child, it is amazing just how far he has come. Now he’s a Paralympian.”

In the Heroes’ Parade on Monday, Kieran shared a float with double Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah.

Molly said that the Heroes’ Parade was ‘absolutely fantastic’, adding: “It was a wonderful experience and all the helpers, organisers and everyone who was a part of it were just amazing.”

Kieran will now have a few weeks rest before he starts winter training for his next big competition, the 2013 International Paralympic Committee Athletics World Championships in Lyon, France.

“Kieran can’t wait for the 2016 Paralympics,” said Molly. “And he’s already said he’s going to be more determined than ever, although I didn’t think it was possible for him to be more determined!

“We need to get through to people, especially the children, that being born with a disability does not mean that you can’t get to the 

“As long as you have the right attitude nothing is impossible and Kieran is the living proof of that.”