Airfield group set to hold latest lecture

Alexander Lippisch. EMN-160624-131317001
Alexander Lippisch. EMN-160624-131317001

German aeronautical engineer Alexander Lippisch is the subject of a talk due to be held near Sleaford next week.

The Friends of Metheringham Airfield welcome Jeff Williams for the lecture, entitled The Life and Work of Alexander Lippisch.

It will take place in the Old Gymnasium at the Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre on Wednesday, at 7.30pm.

Alexander Lippisch was an artist, musician, and one of the world’s top aerodynamicists.

The lecture will trace his early days in Bavaria’s Arts Community, his growing fasciation with aviation, and the designs which led to the fastest aircraft in the world in 1941, and through to the only rocket-powered interceptor to reach operation service.

Lippisch is credited with creating the first successful delta-winged aircraft, back in 1930, and his research is hailed as starting a trend for this configuration which continues to this day. His work continued to be influential after the Second World War, while living in the US.

Admission is free for members, £5 for non-members, which includes refreshments. Enquiries: 07846 947095