All aboard for the blues Music Train from Sleaford to Skegness

Itchy Fingers on a previous Music Train performance.
Itchy Fingers on a previous Music Train performance.

The latest Music Train pulls out of Sleaford this week, 
offering once again an unusual venue for music acts and a stop at a local brewery.

The regular event takes place on The Poacher Line between Sleaford and Wainfleet, with live music en route and at Batemans Brewery, in Wainfleet.

Today (Thursday), five-piece Itchy Fingers will be entertaining passengers.

The group play an eclectic mix of ragtime, country-blues, and Western swing, using guitar, mandolin, washboard and stand-up bass.

The band make regular appearances across Lincolnshire and are attracting a dedicated following.

A normal rail ticket is required for the journey (current train fares apply) and can be purchased as usual from stations/conductor on train.

Passengers can take advantage of GroupSave ticket availability.

There is no additional charge above the current train fare to join a Music Train event.

The Music Train departs Sleaford Station at 6.55pm, Heckington at 7.02pm, Boston at 7.21pm for travel to Batemans Brewery.

Revellers catch the return train from Wainfleet at 9.10pm to arrive back in Boston at 9.35pm, Heckington at 9.51pm and Sleaford at 10pm.

For more on Itchy Fingers, visit or search for their page on Facebook.