Couple’s surprise on Belton House visit

Mr and Mrs Weightman at Belton House.
Mr and Mrs Weightman at Belton House.

A couple visiting Belton House last Sunday were surprised to be welcomed as the record-breaking 400,000th and 400,001st visitors of the year.

Sue and Gary Weightman, of The Greylees, Sleaford, said they love the 17th century National Trust site.

Mrs Weightman said: “We walk in the park and gardens at least once a week.

“We actually came to buy a lifetime membership to the National Trust as a gift for our son, but little did we think we’d be having our picture taken as well.”

Belton House has seen a substantial rise in visitor numbers over recent years, with the 400,000 visitors beating their previous record by an impressive 80,000.

Siobhán Scullion, visitor experience manager, said: “Our financial year was coming to an end and we were eagerly waiting to see who would be our 400,000th visitor.

“Year-round opening and a complete refurbishment of the outdoor adventure playground means that Belton has a really strong appeal to our local community.

“And we never forget that every visit supports the conservation work we do, meaning that places like Belton will be here for future generations to enjoy.”

l Belton House is open every day, from 9.30am to 5.30pm. Visit for details.