The amazing iLimb bionic hand on view at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford - VIDEO

THE National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford is celebrating the forthcoming Paralympic Games with a summer exhibition now on until September 30 looking at how enabling design has transformed disability.

Transformers looks at the brains behind some of the designs and innovations to overcome disability - or sometimes enhance able bodied people - and at the people who use them.

Divided into six sections and featuring over 60 objects, films and still photography, the exhibition explores different aspects of how design and invention is used to overcome disability. The Sleaford Standard asked exhibitions assistant Rebecca Perkins to walk us around the exhibition and pick out some of the highlights which have posted as videos on our website.

In our second video clip Rebecca talks about the iLimb Ultra articulated hands produced by Touch Bionics to revolutionise prosthetic limb replacement.

Made to Measure charts the developments from the early forerunners of modern prosthetics to the most up to date engineering; the response to new materials and technologies and the brains and inspirations that have led to these developments. From peg legs, articulated leather legs through to the iLimb Ultra articulated hands which respond to nerve endings and do things as dextrous as tying shoelaces and holding an egg, this section will showcase the history of prosthetic and orthotic technologies.

The show is curated by Katy West and head of exhibitions Jeremy Webster.

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