Council agrees to back £9k grant bid for town art gallery

Sleaford Town Councillors have been called upon to show their support for a funding bid to make improvements to the town’s volunteer-run art gallery.

The Carre Gallery provides exhibition space for local artists, schools and photographers and a forum to exchange of ideas and opinions on two dimensional art and the development of artistic skills in the local community.

Having opened a decade ago, the charity has agreed a new lease for the premises it rents in Carre Street and with that security is now looking to apply for a £9,000 grant from the Leader Programme for the full cost of improvements.

These entail better lighting, air conditioning in the exhibition rooms and secondary double glazing to reduce traffic noise.

In a report to Sleaford Town Councillors, clerk to the council Kevin Martin said the gallery directors have requested a letter of support in their bid for the grant, to which councillors agreed.

He said the gallery had received positive indications about their proposals from the Leader Programme (an EU funded grant programme) which covers, among others, small businesses and charities operating in the cultural and heritage arena.

Artists, Sleaford and Civic Trust and other bodies have also been asked for support, explained Richard Hodgson of Hodgson Brothers LLP, who provided the premises for the gallery.