Council agrees to back grant bid for town art gallery

The Carre Gallery in Carre Street, Sleaford. EMN-180924-135148001
The Carre Gallery in Carre Street, Sleaford. EMN-180924-135148001

Town Councillors and other interested parties have been called upon to show their support for a funding bid to make improvements to Sleaford’s volunteer-run art gallery.

The Carre Gallery, which is run as a charity, provides exhibition space for local artists, schools and photographers and a forum to exchange ideas and opinions and develop artistic skills in the local community.

Having opened a decade ago, the charity has secured a new lease for the premises it rents in Carre Street is now looking to apply for an 80 per cent grant from the EU-backed Leader Programme towards the £6,500 cost of improvements.

Director Christopher Hodgson explained the gallery had been encouraged to put forward its proposals by officials of the Leader Programme which covers, among others, small businesses and charities operating in the cultural and heritage arena that can bring a boost to the local economy.

He said: “Carre Street has heavy traffic and the noise is a nuisance. We have been taking decibel readings and are confident that the works involving secondary acoustic glazing and air conditioning to prevent having to open doors and windows can reduce the noise level inside by at least 50 per cent.

“We would like to put in improved high energy LED exhibition lighting which will not increase the heat but improve the experience for exhibitors, visitors and volunteer invigilators.”

Sleaford Town Councillors agreed to supply a letter of support for the gallery’s grant bid and several artists and other bodies have also responded, explained Mr Hodgson.

He said: “Whether we will be successful (in getting the grant) is another story. We are writing to everyone involved to see if they will help with the match funding.

“We do have a certain amount of it pledged and we are confident of our ability to raise that 20 per cent.”