Disabled artist a hit on both sides of ‘the Pond’

A self-portrait by artist Jason Wilsher-Mills.
A self-portrait by artist Jason Wilsher-Mills.

A WHEELCHAIR-bound artist who uses an iPad app to create his work has seen interest in his pictures rocket, but is now appealing for sponsorship to further his career.

Jason Wilsher-Mills, 42, from Sleaford revived his passion for art seven months ago when he had to give up work because of a neurological condition which left him in a wheelchair.

He drew inspiration from legendary artist David Hockney who also uses an iPad and after his artwork was discovered on line he was invited to showcase his work at an exhibition in San Francisco opened by Pixar Studios, as well as another in Hamburg.

Now his work has been chosen for an exhibition starting on August 3 in London, on Cork Street - the centre of the international art world. An excited Jason said: “It’s a huge opportunity for me. My work was chosen out of 2,000 other artists, so it’s a huge achievement.

“I’ve also been signed up by a French art dealer, who wants to market and sell my work internationally.”

He also has work in an exhibition in Lewes, and then in October he has been asked to attend an international symposium of digital artists in New York.

He said: “With cutbacks I have no benefits and am trying to start and create an income generated from my artwork. So I am presently looking for sponsorship, so I can attend the New York symposium with a support worker. About £2,000 would cover flights and accommodation, so I’m saying, ‘invest in me - I am a good bet’.”

In return he would produce dedicated artwork for the sponsor.

He said: “My success has been surprising me a bit. Even though the images are about pain and disability, they are honest and get through to people. Everything I sell is going into making this work but I have got to a stage where I need a bit of help.”

In November Jason is doing an artist residency at the Art House in Wakefield, working with local schools and also Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Rugby League club.

Anyone interested can go to his website at www.bluejaywaydigitalarts.co.uk or email: WILSH2000@AOL.COM