Drone camera reveals hidden side of Maltings

Bass Maltings. EMN-150414-125520001
Bass Maltings. EMN-150414-125520001

Viewers of Channel 4 have been given an unusual glimpse into the hidden world of one of Sleaford’s most iconic buildings.

The enormous Bass Maltings complex has dominated the townscape for more than a century but these days very few people get to see inside the former brewery site, which has been in a semi-derelict state for many years.

However, on the Sunday before last, television viewers were given a unique view of the buildings, courtesy of a radio controlled drone.

The three-minute short, screened for Channel 4 programme Drones in Forbidden Zones, took viewers on an aerial journey over the fence and through the network of buildings, going into rarely seen nooks and crannies.

The short films are intended to give ‘unique glimpses into the creepiest, weirdest Forbidden Zones of the UK’. To view the Bass Maltings film go to http://www.channel4.com/programmes/drones-in-forbidden-zones/on-de

n The Maltings is earmarked for development by Avant Homes, formerly Gladedale, who were granted planning permission in November 2011 for a £56 million redevelopment of the site, which would include a mixed development of over 200 residential units as well as healthcare and community facilities.