Ghostbusters feel a presence at haunted rail station museum

Spooky - Heckington station looking towards the level crossing. Photo: Pat Banister
Spooky - Heckington station looking towards the level crossing. Photo: Pat Banister

A group of ghostly detectives have detected some eerie goings-on at a village railway station.

Members of the Cambridgeshire Supernatural Investigators have paid a visit to Heckington Railway Station Museum and reported a couple of ghostly occurrences.

Andy Garlick, chairman of Heckington Village Trust, which manages the museum, explained the members come from across Cambridgeshire and are interested in investigating old buildings in search of paranormal activity.

They arranged an evening viewing from 6pm to midnight when around a dozen ghost hunters came armed with high-tech detection equipment.

Mr Garlick said: “They had little boxes that they put down and if anything of supernatural or magnetic nature gets near the lights flash.

“One girl would sit and ask questions, such as ‘Is anybody here?’. We all sat very quietly and then the light would start flashing. She was nowhere near it and they seemed completely genuine about it having travelled all this way.”

Then part of the group moved into another room and each member noted how cold it was in the doorway - often taken as a supernatural sign. Mr Garlick, who confesses to being personally unconvinced by the idea of ghosts but willing to accept other people who believe in them, said he had often felt uncomfortable going into that room but passed it off as caution about not tripping over in the dark.

Then there was another development. He said: “One group stood by the level crossing and picked up an impression of someone lying down by the tracks along with wheels and connecting rods of a steam engine. I asked the signalman on duty and he remembered when his grandfather worked on the railways one of the station staff was run down and killed by a train on the crossing.”

The group had not questioned the signalman.

Mr Garlick said he was not considering launching ghost tours, even though they are popular in places such as York and Nottingham, and added: “I am not a ‘spooky’ person but will accept people who are attuned to this sort of thing.”