Last ever Sleaford Art Event opens

Artists at work on a portrait for the Sleaford Art Event Challenge. EMN-160328-151317001
Artists at work on a portrait for the Sleaford Art Event Challenge. EMN-160328-151317001

The annual Sleaford Art Event is under way for 2016 - but this will be the last one, according to organisers.

The Sleaford Art Event kicked off at the Carre Gallery in Carre Street on Monday with the traditional Art Event Challenge.

Four artists put brush to canvas to produce a portrait of volunteer model Pat Whitelaw. Their finished offerings after two hours’ work will be put on display and judged by public vote by visitors to the exhibition, with a prize and trophy presented to the winning artist at the end of the event.

Competitors were Jan Barker, Anne Barnham, Mike Weston and Sue Webber.

A preview evening was held on Monday too and a prize and trophy will also be presented for the overall Best in Show, as voted for by the visitors.

Chairman Mary Newman explained: “It is the last Sleaford Art Event as we have decided not to continue with it. We have had to make changes since moving from the Civic Suite of North Kesteven District Council offices where we had a lot more room to display and we have been doing it for a long time.”

She said: “We still put on a nice show, but unless someone would like to start again and do a different kind of art event, we have decided we need a rest.”

Any proceeds left over will be donated to charity.

* During Sleaford Live arts event, from April 25 to May 7, Mrs Newman will be doing her own artistic performance.

A set painter for some of Sleaford Little Theatre’s productions, she will be painting on 8ftx6ft boards in an exhibition called Performance.

She said: “I am going to be performing my art by working in the Carre Gallery on the scene board. I have already come up with my design but it is a secret.”

* Mrs Newman has also booked the Carre Gallery for her first ever one-woman show of work called Connections, from June 6 for two weeks.

It will bring together the many aspects of her work, including painting and pottery. She said: “Things I have made can be easily grouped together and combined. I do a bit of writing and paint furniture too.