Life and loss in new exhibition at gallery in Sleaford

One of the works created by Naseem Dareby. EMN-170411-122024001
One of the works created by Naseem Dareby. EMN-170411-122024001

The concepts of life, loss and hope are explored in a new exhibition coming to the National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD), in Sleaford.

Naseem Darbey presents We Are Saved By Loss, which opens at the Navigation Wharf venue this Saturday, November 11.

Artist Naseem engages with the topics through references to science, art and philosophy.

We Are Saved By Loss gives the audience the opportunity to consider what it means to be human in the wider concept of the universe.

It includes 3D hollow drawing sculptural ‘specimens’ created by ‘drawing’ freehand on a sewing machine.

A spokesman from the NCCD said: “Although the exhibition explores serious, sometimes sombre themes, it also ponders and expands on the winter of life and what is gained and created through loss.”

This is a new body of work commissioned by NCCD, however themes it explores are an evolution of work Naseem has created over the past seven years.

The exhibition will be at the NCCD until Sunday, January 7.

Naseem will be hosting workshops and talks running alongside her exhibition.

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