Success in online bid to get war book into print

Author Tim Atkinson.
Author Tim Atkinson.

An author teaching in Sleaford is looking ahead to the publication of his next book after a successful online campaign to get it into print.

In October of last year, the Standard reported on how Kesteven and Sleaford High School’s classical civilisation teacher Tim Atkinson had looked to the crowdfunding website Unbound to get his second novel, The Glorious Dead, published.

The process sees authors pitch their book ideas to readers, who then choose the ones they like and pledge their support financially – with the promise they will get something in return for their help.

When an idea has enough support (about £10,000 for a hardback print run), the project can move forward – and, now, that time has come for The Glorious Dead.

The book, at the time of writing, has 360 backers, with pledges ranging from £10 to one of £1,000.

“At last, after more hustling and hassling than I’d have believed myself capable of, I’ve made it. The book is fully funded,” Tim said.

The book, which is currently being edited, is inspired by what Tim describes as ‘one of the great untold stories of the Great War’.

A fictional story, it follows a group of soldiers who remained in France and Flanders following the Armistice who found and buried the thousands of bodies abandoned on the road to victory.

To buy a copy, you can either wait for it to be published next year or pre-order it at