It’s ‘radio ha ha’ in comedy show

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Audiences are invited to join the team of a fictional radio magazine show as they undertake their first on-the-road live recording.

This is the premise behind Sorry I Haven’t A Minute!, an evening of radio-based comedy set to be presented by Scary Little Girls near Sleaford this week.

Will presenters Summer Hill and Alistair Bray be able to patch up their differences to get through the show and save their marriage?

Will production manager, sound effects girl and general dogsbody Pearl be able to provide the marriage guidance counselling, record the show, and convincingly create a farmyard of animals and a travelling library?

Expect live sound effects, an episode of The Dirk and Daphne Chronicles, local taste tests, interviews and special guests.

There will also be a chance to ‘listen again’ on the specially created Sorry I Haven’t A Minute! webpage.

Scary Little Girls have been hailed in the press, with The Guardian calling them ‘stars of rural touring’. The show meanwhile won praise in The Scotsman, which described it as ‘enjoyable and fun’.

Sorry I Haven’t A Minute! comes to Heydour Parish Hall, in Main Street, Aisby, on Saturday at 7.30pm.

Enquiries: 01529 455501.