William Alvey School in Sleaford all set to hit the Christmas pop charts

William Alvey School's Christmas choir in rehearsals during Children in Need day. EMN-171127-170344001
William Alvey School's Christmas choir in rehearsals during Children in Need day. EMN-171127-170344001

A Sleaford school choir is all set to hit the pop charts with their first Christmas single.

Children from years 3 to 6 at William Alvey Primary School have volunteered to be part of a Christmas choir club project held every Friday this term, with the help of local musician Chris Clark (aka Dedboy).

Chris has some form in seasonal tunes having previously released the overwhelmingly catchy ‘Christmas Number One’ song in 2011 and was enlisted having written lyrics for the school choir to perform at St George’s Day and St Denys’ Day market events in town earlier this year.

Chris said: “We got chatting and thought it would be nice to do something especially for Christmas. The kids could record their own song and release it officially, along with a video.

“It is set in Sleaford with local scenes. I wrote the lyrics and tune and the kids have done a great job of making it their own, including harmonies. It really sounds good.”

‘A William Alvey Christmas’ is to be released on Monday (December 4), available on all main download sites, including Amazon and iTunes.”

He said: “It has that sweet appeal of children singing and all the elements of a classic Christmas song.”

Dedboy even makes a brief appearance sporting his festive jumper in the video.

His sister Sarah Stonestreet is a year one teacher at the school and has been helping with the after school group project

Chris said: “Generally the children are bouncing off the walls because it is pretty exciting and different to make their own song. And, if we really shout about it, we could even make it into the Top 100 as it only takes a couple of thousand sales.”

Half of any proceeds will go towards the school’s arts and music fund and half to children’s charities.

Parents and children should get the first viewing of the finished video on Friday and it will be performed at the school winter fair on Saturday morning and again at 11am in the Market Place for Sunday’s Sleaford Christmas Market.

Headteacher Stephen Tapley said: “Its incredibly exciting.”

You can pre-order the single from Amazon here as it looks likely to go live on December 4.