Queen Elizabeth Slept Here review

The Playhouse, Sleaford. EMN-150603-094230001
The Playhouse, Sleaford. EMN-150603-094230001

By Andy Hubbert

The spring production by Sleaford Little Theatre took us back to the early 1950s and a ramshackle cottage, supposedly dating back to the Elizabethan period for this gentle, three-act comedy.

It tells the story of Michael and Norah Fuller, (Emma Albuixech and Nigel Guilliatt) who spend their inheritance on doing up their dream home in the country, which turns into a ‘money pit’ as Lionel Rudkin, as bumpkin gardener Mr Kimber, proceeds to help drill for water, lay gravel paths and spread manure. The relationship between the two was convincing, while Michael’s sister Madge (Hayley Goymer), had us all tutting with her ill-advised fling with a fading actor.

His theatrical partner Rita Leslie was amusingly performed by Jane Guest. We enjoyed Helen Hill and Megan Emery-Hughes as the temperamental hired help, while Callum Thursby had us all despising young brat Raymond. Mary Rudkin played her part well as penniless Aunt Harriet who fooled everyone about her will but saved the house from debt. I particularly liked how the cast ended by untidying the set ready for the following night.