Mannequin ‘graveyard’ event

A Halloween film event and spooky walk is taking place at Mannakin in Fulbeck, near Sleaford.
A Halloween film event and spooky walk is taking place at Mannakin in Fulbeck, near Sleaford.

Film lovers and horror fans will feel a real ‘dummy’ if they miss an upcoming Halloween event set amongst 20,000 creepy mannequins.

Fulbeck-based Mannakin is hosting an open-air cinema screening with a spooky twist at its ‘Dollywood’ site on October 27 and 28.

The company, which hires out recycled shop dummies, will be screening two horror movies at its site - with participants surrounded by the figures and body parts of dismembered mannequins.

Up to 200 adults will be given the opportunity to gather their blankets and snuggle up in front of Shaun of the Dead on the Friday, or 70s’ smash hit The Rocky Horror Show on the Saturday.

Each showing can be accompanied by ‘The Most Awful Halloween Walk’ which will see audience members taken on a short, spooky amble around the site, either as the sun sets or after dark. This walk is expected to feature ‘art installations created by the mannequins themselves’.

The film screenings are part of several UK events being run by Sunset Cinema Club, based in Sherwood.

Its founder Louise Darby said: “Mannakin, which is believed to be one of only a handful of mannequin graveyards in the world, is one of those finds that you can’t quite believe exist. On our first visit we were offered ‘a hand’ at the finger buffet, and advised not to feed the mannequins. We rolled around laughing and knew we had to base our Halloween season here.”

Roz Edwards, director of Mannakin, said: “After some initial squabbling amongst our mannequins about their favourite films, the idea has been a huge hit here. We are poised for a weekend of fun, and delighted to extend a hand to welcome new guests onto the site.

“The excitement level is already building. In fact we’ve already done a ‘dummy run’ to test out the front row of seats (see photo). Any attempt to dampen down the fun and creativity here will - as ever - be stiffly opposed.”

Mannakin has supplied mannequins to TV shows such as Top Gear and the X Factor and is advertised as a film location.

Arrival for the film screenings is from 5.15pm with the films starting at 6.15pm.The walks take place before and after the screenings, at 5.15pm and 8pm.

Louise Darby added: “The nature of the venue (which includes trip hazards, uneven surfaces and dark spaces) does not allow children onsite: so you must be aged 16 and over to attend. Bring a torch - and your survival instincts!”

Early bird tickets cost £11 per screening, and £4 for the walk. They are available in advance via www.sunsetcin