Containers will boost the ‘helipads’ appeal

What better way to recycle your fizzy drink cans than to have them turned into new hospital ‘helipads’ for air ambulances to use?

As reported by the Standard back in May, the ‘Helipads for Hospitals’ (H4H) charity is collecting used aluminium cans to fabricate portable helipads for NHS hospitals.

Now, thanks to the Rotary Club of Sleaford Kesteven, the appeal has been boosted after members installed two new container ‘bins’ in the area.

One is located just inside the entrance to Kesteven and Sleaford High School, on Jermyn Street, the second is sited at the Ruskington campus of St George’s Academy, on the internal road between Sleaford Road and Elm Tree Road.

Tony Dixon from the Rotary Club said: “The intention is to collect aluminium cans such as those used for fizzy drinks (not metal as used in food) which will then be processed to raise money for the H4H charity. The aim is then to provide dedicated helipads at major hospitals.

“A third container is planned for the entrance to the Winchelsea Centre in Ruskington once enough sponsorship has been obtained.”