Repair work to begin on Sleaford’s skate park


Following a recent annual safety inspection by ROSPA, Sleaford’s skate park at Boston Road Recreation Ground is to undergo repairs.

At a recent meeting of the Town Council, clerk Kevin Martin explained the remodelled skate park was now two years old and had seen a high level of usage.

He explained: “As might be expected wear and tear, weathering and occasional misuse/vandalism takes its toll.

“Several transitions (where the ramps meet the ground surfaces) have deteriorated and need repair to avoid potential risks to users.”

As it was not out of its guarantee period for this aspect, he has engaged a specialist contractor to carry out the repairs at a cost of £3,200. All transitions will be re-done to avoid the need for a repeat later.

Money was to come from reserves and the current year’s budget.

This work was scheduled to take place from Thursday June 27, with the skate park being closed for approximately one week. However, due to the recent flooding, the council has stated that the contractors are catching up on work in another area and therefore hope to start the work on the skate park from tomorrow (Thursday July 4) instead.

The skate park will be closed for one week.

* There have also been problems with the foul drainage at the cemetery toilet block. Investigations found a broken pipe near the cemetery lodge at the gateway. The toilet will soon be brought back into use at a cost of £2,445 plus VAT, according to Mr Martin, although the council will have to decide on the future of the toilet building which was now in a poor condition.