Bid to create a classic with clothing brand

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An entrepreneurial Sleaford man is enjoying early success with a clothing brand he has created, one he hopes one day will be known across the UK.

John Wharff, 27, originally of Heckington, launched Sail & Hunter Apparel in May.

He says he wanted to create a fashion brand that was ‘a classic’, something that would become a ‘future staple piece that wouldn’t become outdated or age-restricted’.

“I hope one day my brand will become recognisable all over Britain,” he said. “As my slogan states ‘Beach. City. Everywhere’.”

John, who says his interest in fashion stems from a young age, helped fund the project through his income from his job at Subway.

The brand’s logo was devised with the help of illustrator Anna Brown.

To John’s delight, he received an order on launch day.

“At first, I wasn’t sure on how people would react,” he said. “I felt worried and nervous for the brand, but deep down I knew there was something rather special with Sail & Hunter. On the first day of launch a t-shirt sold and I couldn’t believe it.”

He added: “Overall, the reaction has been very positive and supportive from the start and I’m very thankful for the Sleaford community.”

You can check out the range at