Busy New Year’s Eve for police as one prisoner spits BLOOD in officer’s face

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A total of 46 people were reported to be starting 2018 from the inside of a Lincolnshire Police cell after a very busy New Year’s Eve around the county.

According Supt Phil Vickers, who was duty for the period of festivities, he tweeted at 7am that they had 46 people in their cells for the start of 2018.

This comprised 45 adults and one juvenile - 40 of them male, six female, spread around four stations - 10 in Skegness, eight in Boston, seven in Grantham and 21 in Lincoln.

Supt Vickers said many were as a result of alcohol-fuelled assaults and two were detained for drink or drug driving.

He said that one prisoner had even spat blood in an officer’s face, tweeting: “From one of the 46 Custody Records of people starting their 2018 in @lincspolice cells -

‘...and whilst speaking to officers (Detained Person) spat blood in officers face’.

Supt Vickers commented: “NOT acceptable, NOT ‘Part of the job’, NOT ‘accidentally...’.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones recated to the news with outrage: “Horrific thought going to work and having blood spat in your face. Hope @lincspolice officer is ok and getting support they need.

“Spitguards can’t prevent every incident but they would some and that’s reason enough to have them in my view. An operational decision I’d fully support.”